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Do I Stay or Do I Go?

Separation and Divorce can be a touchy subject. There are many reasons why someone would stay and why someone would go but often times it's men who pay the price. This episode is real! A look into Shaun and mine's experience with Divorce and separation leads to some very interesting conversations that are as real as they get. 



We sit back this week and let the wives take control of the mics. Join Erika and Kayla as they chat with with special guests Steph, Hailey and Mel about Men's Mental Health. What does Men's Mental Health mean to them? How do they cope with partners that struggle? What signs do they look for when they think their partners are having a bad day?


How Do You Cope?

Our 6th episode gets very real with special guest Kyle. Business owner, inventor and father of 2 we dive into Kyle's brain and find out how he copes with the day to day, week to week and month to month. How juggling businesses and family can prove to be extremely difficult. Find out what present day Kyle would say to his 20 year old self in our latest episode.


10 QUESTIONS WITH - Stuntman Stu

Listen to Stu open up about his struggles with Mental Health, surviving cancer and a most recent heart attack! Stu tells us what he would do to change the face of Men's Mental Health.


10 QUESTIONS WITH - Jock Climie

Jock is a retired CFL player, Sports Caster and lawyer who shares his perspective about Men's Mental Health and playing professional sports.


10 QUESTIONS WITH - Marc Parent

We ask guitarist and vocalist Marc Parent of April Wine 10 questions about mental health and being a musician. He opens up about his own struggles with mental health and how he has overcame them. He also has some very important advice to aspiring musicians and how they can cope with all the pressure!

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