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Meet The Team


Co-Founder & CEO

Jason Overfors

Jason brings 15+ years of leadership experience to the Back to Square 1 Foundation. With a sound knowledge of the inner workings of large organizations Jason is ready to take on the tremendous responsibility that comes with his title and role. Being the victim of psychological abuse and understanding what it is to start over more than once, Jason decided it was time to help men by giving them a place to go to get the help that they so desperately need.

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Chief Financial Officer - CFO

Kyle Cockerell

Kyle is a firm believer that mental health is just as crucial as physical health, and as a business owner, mental health advocate, supporter of peer support and family, he is passionate about promoting this foundation. Lets join forces to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health and prioritize our overall well-being. Remember, seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness.



Brandon Robbins

Brandon Is a lifestyle counsellor, with a diploma in Professional Counselling and Life Coaching from Rhodes Wellness College in Vancouver. Before this, Brandon served as a Master Seaman in the Royal Canadian Navy in information management for 20 years. He would also help his shipmate by listening to their troubles during that time. That would be his calling after leaving that way of life. Brandon has gained Registered Therapeutic Counsellor certification with the Association of Cooperation Counselling Therapists of Canada. Brandon is currently based in Victoria BC, where he continues to work to help others in his community navigate their own lifestyle choices and their personal challenges impacting their way of life. Even exploring the challenges that come from the lack of choice and their impact on their way of life. Brandon is excited to join the team and support the foundation and the people seeking the support of Square 1 Men’s Mental Health Group.



Matthew Halawnicki

Matt has been a personal trainer for decades and is passionate about learning and teaching about human kinematics to improve people’s lives. He has a surplus of specialized training to help those who have chronic pain and in special populations. He launched his own personal training business, Strength Therapy Fitness, at the start of the Covid pandemic. His success encouraged him to launch a nonprofit that educates youth in matters of physical fitness, financial literacy and mental health called TheMissingLinkProject.


Co- Founder & Vice President

Shaun Sinnett

Shaun served as an Leading Seaman in the Royal Canadian Navy for 10 years before he was forced to retire due to health issues. Shaun helped breathe life into the Back to Square 1 Foundation as a result of his own personal struggles with mental health. Shaun is passionate about helping Canadian Military Veterans get the support that they require through Veterans Affairs


Program Director

Kevin Smith

For the past 7 years Kevin has been an analyst for the Canadian Government and brings years of leadership experience to our foundation. Kevin has been an advocate for Men's Mental Health for many years and is eager to work with us to help make a difference in the lives of men across the country.



Brad Snooks

Brad is a Special Education Technician at the Western Quebec School Board with 16 years experience at numerous schools from elementary to high school. during these years he has worked as an attendant in special education classrooms, ran a Special Olympic type event for 10 years and has coordinated numerous school projects. He also provided support to indigenous students and currently supports a wide range of elementary school students. Brad is just a month shy of finishing Special Care Counselling at Champlain College. With becoming a special care counsellor, he hopes to provide better resources and programming, to not only his current employment, but within the community and the foundation. Brad is excited to be supporting the foundation, its ventures and is very optimistic about the future of Square 1 Men's Mental Health Group.

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